Our Values

Our business is based on great relationships, identifying and fulfilling our clients’ specific business objectives.  We don’t hide the fact that we love a challenge and are driven to take businesses and grow them in a sustainable way.  We’re also 100 percent sold on Cloud solutions because of the efficiencies and practical advantages they deliver.

We get to know you

We admit it, we’re fascinated by other people’s businesses.  We thrive on helping entrepreneurs create something out of nothing more than an idea.  To guide a business owner to achieve a greater insight into the financial drivers of their business and take it to the next level is what lights us up.  But we don’t just deliver the advice and then sit back and wait for it to happen.  We continue to guide and support in a proactive nurturing manner.  Because of the positive memorable experiences, great business relationships are forged and full potential achieved.

Case Study

Rich and Louise Orlandi own Cardiff Car Clinic, a long-established motor mechanics specialising in European marques in Cardiff, a suburb of Newcastle. As efficient and competent users of MYOB, it seemed a big leap in faith to accept Tony’s recommendation to switch to Xero, despite seeing the obvious benefits. Putting all reservations aside, as long-term clients, they trusted Tony implicitly and made the move to Xero. Louise is now a HUGE fan of Xero.

We get to know your objectives

We work hard at understanding your business and its objectives… as well as what you personally want out of it. So we listen and then we agree a plan of action, starting with setting you up on Xero (if you’re not already).

Case Study

Jodi and Trish are partners in their start-up audiology firm called Local Hearing.  They spoke to more than one practice when looking for an accountant and chose NewVision for three reasons.  First, Tony's implementation plan included a number options which met all of Jodi and Trish’s objectives – and were all clearly priced.  Secondly, they recommended Xero over the old PC based MYOB, and finally, the implementation plan included set-up and support for their first couple of BAS’s.

We meet your objectives with insight

We track your progress with the help of Cloud-based Xero having made conceptual agreement on the measure of success in meeting the objectives.

Case Study

Mark Dean and Garry Anderson of Direct Pool Supplies sells direct and online and had switched to Xero with Vend and Unleashed themselves.  They approached NewVision for help.  They streamlined their systems and guided their team to use the single ledger accounting software as it should be used. Once compliance was in order, they made a conceptual agreement with Mark to have quarterly accountability meetings based around KPI’s to grow the business, improve profitability and help give them a greater understanding of the financial drivers of the business.